The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

edited by John Clute and John Grant

New Data, Typographical Errors, Factual Corrections, and Miscellanea

These addenda to the Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) were expanded in September and October 1998, by John Clute, John Grant, Gordon Van Gelder and others, to include all the material which appears as an appendix to the paperback editions. Subsequent updates (May 2000, March 2003) consist chiefly of adding further death dates. Feedback is solicited; please tell me of any coding or other errors. Except for people still working with the 1997 print edition, all information here has long been superseded by the availability of the full and corrected Encyclopedia of Fantasy online.
David Langford, Contributing Editor


As the editors of the Encyclopedia of SF wrote by way of preface to that volume's official list of addenda and corrections:

An encyclopedia of this sort is never completed. The date of going to press is an arbitrary (but necessary) stopping point, not the point where the collection and double-checking of data is finished. The editors and offer these modifications, accrued in the months between going to press and today, as a service to reviewers and readers.

These pages also include a listing of the EoF "theme" or "motif" entries and an alphabetical key to the awkwardly arranged OPERA entry. Other relevant lists may be added.



Additions/amendments to the list on pages xi-xii:

SJ Stephen (not Steve) JONES
DGK Sometimes used in error for DK (Don Keller)
CMK Cyril M Korolyov
SN Stan Nicholls
AO Andrew Osmond
MLR Marcus Rowland
PDS Pamela D. Scoville
JLT Jean-Louis Trudel
SW Steve Whitaker
GKW Gary K. Wolfe. Entries signed GW (as for Gary Westfahl) which are in fact by Wolfe are STORY (part), SURREALISM and SYMBOL.


Helen Nicholls gave considerable help in the construction of the entry tree.

Gary Westfahl's assistance in the compilation of the Addenda cannot be overstated; neither can our gratitude to him for labours above and beyond the call of duty. Further thanks must be given in particular to Helmut Geyer, Lawrence Person, Yvonne Rousseau, Richard Scheib, Roger Silverstein, Gordon Van Gelder, and all the other "spotters" who have contributed to this section, in addition to Mike Ashley, David Langford and Ron Tiner. Gordon Van Gelder has been his usual tolerant self. Pam Scoville nobly put up with John Grant's waspishness and curtness during the final compilation.



IASFM ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE (originally titled Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine)

Restored Entries

For a variety of reasons the following entries were omitted (or inadvertently cut beyond recognition) in the first printing and are now restored (or the omission discussed) in the Addenda.

The following entries have particularly significant corrections or updates in the Addenda.

We are also grateful for feedback received from: Ahasuerus the Wandering Jew, Joe Bernstein, Andrew M. Butler, Helmut Geyer, Kim Newman, Gregory Pickersgill, Michael Scott Rohan, M.J. "Simo" Simpson, Alex Stewart and Chris Terran.