SF Encyclopedia Updates: A to B


2001 (p. 1250): The thrown bone actually "turns into" a satellite which, we learn in The Making of Kubrick's 2001 (1970) ed Jerome Agel, is meant to be a nuclear weapons platform.


ABE, KOBO (p. 1): Another relevant novel is KA's surreal, Kafkaesque, sf-like fantastication Mikkai (1977; trans Juliet Winters Carpenter as Secret Rendezvous 1979 US), set in a vast edifice-like underground hospital so complex that patients must hire agents to cope with its demands.

ACKER, KATHY (p. 3): Died 1997.

ACTON, [Sir] HAROLD (MARIO MITCHELL) (p. 4): Died 1994.

ADAM AND EVE (p. 4): Villiers de L'isle Adam's L'Eve Future is not first trans 1982; proper ascription is The Eve of the Future (1886).

ADAMS, DOUGLAS (p. 5): Died 2001. DA's two Doctor Who episodes, "Shada" and "City of Death," have provided plot elements for more than one of his novels; they have not, however, been themselves novelized. The initial radio incarnation of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy consisted of a first series comprising episodes 1-6, a Christmas special (episode 7) and a second series comprising episodes 8-12. John Lloyd collaborated on episodes 5 and 6 (not 11 and 12) and did not produce the radio show (Simon Brett produced episode 1 and Geoffrey Perkins the rest), although he was associate producer for the later TV series.

ADELER, MAX (p. 7): MA's novel Captain Bluitt (1901) also contains sf elements.

AHERN, JERRY (p. 9): Mid-Wake (1988) is unnumbered, and consequently The Struggle [note correct title] is #18, Final Rain is #19, Firestorm is #20 and To End All War is #21. The continuation begins with the unnumbered The Survivalist: The Legend and is followed by #22: Brutal Conquest (1991); and #23: Call to Battle.

AIKEN, JOHN (p. 9): His first story "Dragon's Teeth" was (1947). [BW]

AKSYONOV, VASSILY (PAVLOVICH) (p. 10): Ostrov Krym (trans The Island of Crimea) is actually an ALTERNATE WORLD novel, not a PARALLEL WORLD novel.

ALDISS, BRIAN W(ILSON) (pp. 10-13): Worked in Oxford bookshops (note plural). Remembrance Day is not a sequel to Forgotten Life: Aldiss suggests the term "companion piece to". The three Penguin anthologies were assembled as The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (omni, 1973). Margaret Aldiss died in 1997.

ALIENS (p. 15): Flammarion's Urania is trans 1890 US, not 1891; Simak's The Creator is (1935 Marvel Tales; 1946 chap).

ALLEN, (CHARLES) GRANT (BLAIRFINDIE) (p. 20): Full title of novel is The British Barbarians: A Hill-Top Novel.

ALLEY OOP (p. 21): V. T. Hamlin died 1993. It was 1939 when Professor Elbert Wonmug (who is named after Albert Einstein) introduced a time machine into the series. Hamlin did not retire in 1971; he retired from the daily strip in 1968 and from the Sunday strip in 1973. There are several Big Little and associated books featuring AO: Alley Oop and Dinny (1934), Alley Oop in the Invasion of Moo (1935), Alley Oop and Dinny in the Jungles of Moo (1938) and Alley Oop and the Missing King of Moo (1938 chap).

ALTERNATE WORLDS (pp. 23-25): H. Beam PIPER's Paratime series began in ASF with "Police Operation" (1948), not "Time Crime" (1955). John Crowley's Great Work of Time (in coll Novelty 1989; 1991) is misascribed. Another corrected ascription: The Bomb That Failed (1969 US; vt The Last Year of the Old World 1969 UK). Philip K Dick Is Dead, Alas is 1988.

AMAZING STORIES 1. (pp. 25-26): "He Who Shapes" was serialized in the Jan and Feb 1965 issues, not 1964.

AMIS, KINGSLEY (p. 28): Died 1995.

ANDERSON, COLIN (p. 29): Died 1980.

ANDERSON, OLOF W. (p. 31): Born 1871. Died 1963. OWA was a US author.

ANDERSON, POUL (WILLIAM) (pp. 31-33): Died 2001. PA's pseudonym of Michael Karageorge has been confirmed.

ANSTEY, F. (p. 37): Corrected ascription (note subtitles and date of vt): Tourmalin's Time Cheques (A Farcical Extravagance) (1891; vt The Time Bargain; or, Tourmalin's Cheque Book 1905).

ANTHOLOGIES (pp. 37-39): J(oseph) Berg Esenwein was (1867-1946); note full first name.The Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories series was not complete in 24 vols. It had a 25th vol from DAW Books in 1992, Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories Volume 25, 1963 (1992).

ANTHONY, PIERS (pp. 39-41): PA's collaborator on Visual Guide to Xanth is Jody Lynn Nye, not Ne. The Dragon series in Other works should include Orc's Opal (1990) and Mouvar's Magic (1992). The Tatham Mound should be Tatham Mound. Hard Sell is (fixup 1990). But What of Earth? is related to the Tarot sequence. Firefly is (1990) not (1991). The computer-operated game in Steppe would correctly be described as galaxy-spanning, rather than merely world-spanning.

ANTHROPOLOGY (pp. 41-43): The Eternal Savage is 1963. It's The Voyage of Captain Popanilla, not The Adventures of Captain Popanilla.

APES AND CAVEMEN (IN THE HUMAN WORLD) (pp. 46-48): Leigh KENNEDY's "Her Monkey Face" should be "Her Furry Face." Brigid Brophy died 1995.

APPEL, ALLEN (p. 48): Born 1945.

APPLETON, VICTOR (p. 49): As made clear in the TOM SWIFT entry, there are four (not three) Tom Swift series.

ARKHAM HOUSE: James Turner's dates are (1945-1999).

ARISS, BRUCE (WALLACE) (pp. 50-51): Born 1916. Died 1977.

ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY (p. 51): Bruce Graeme (1900-1982).

ARNOLD, FRANK EDWARD (p. 52): His full name was Francis Joseph Eric Edward Arnold.

ARONICA, LOU (p. 53): LA was with BANTAM BOOKS from 1979, as Vice President and Publisher of the Spectra sf list which he established in 1985, Vice President and Publisher of mass-market books 1989-1992, and Vice President and Deputy Publisher 1992-1994.

ASHER, EUGENE (p. 55): In future editions, this will become a cross-reference to Harold Ernest KELLY (see new entry below).

ASHLEY, MIKE (p. 55): Although MA himself prefers the plural form, the four-part anthology was published as The History of the Science Fiction Magazine.

ASIMOV, ISAAC (pp. 55-60): The Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories series was not complete in 24 vols. It had a 25th vol from DAW Books in 1992, Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories Volume 25, 1963 (1992). IA introduced but did not edit Soviet Science Fiction (anth 1962) and More Soviet Science Fiction (anth 1962). Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Treasury (omni 1981) assembles Space Mail (anth 1980) and The Future in Question (anth 1980). Under Nonfiction as editor, Cosmic Critiques: How and Why Ten Science Fiction Stories Work (with Greenberg; note title) consists primarily of the stories in question, with nonfiction commentaries by Ansen Dibell, and should appear under Miscellaneous titles [JBe].

ASPRIN, ROBERT LYNN (p. 61): There were six Thieves World graphic novels, not three. RLA's graphic collection with Phil Foglio, Myth Adventures One (graph coll 1985) was followed by Myth Adventures Two (graph coll 1986, by the same team; these two books were based on RLA's Another Fine Myth ... (1978). Further RLA work in comics, not yet collected in graphic novel form, includes Myth Adventures #9 to #12 (all 1986) and Myth Conceptions #1 to #8 (1985-1987). Myth Conceptions #5 was not written by Stephen BOYETT; Boyett wrote Space Ark #5, which has no direct conection with RLA.

ASTRONOMY (pp. 66-67): The sentence beginning "To his astronomical treatise The Discovery of a New World (3rd ed 1640) ..." should read: "To the 1640 edition of his astronomical treatise The Discovery of a World in the Moone (1638; exp vt The Discovery of a New World 1640) ..." The reference to Macroscope should read "which combines hard-science devices (including a hypothetical remote viewer of awesome power) with astrological analysis."

ATWOOD, MARGARET (ELEANOR) (pp 69-70): Her Clarke award was in 1987 – the novel appeared in the UK in 1986, one year after its Canadian release.

AUBREY, FRANK (p. 70): There is evidence that FA's son, Frank Atkins Jr., may have been born in 1883. "A Son of the Stars" was (1907-08 Young England). A Trip to Mars was 1909 (1907 The Sunday Circle as "A King of Mars"; 1909).

AUSTER, PAUL (p. 70): In the Valley of the Lost Things should be In the Country of Last Things.


BACK BRAIN RECLUSE (p. 79): BBR has never published fiction by Bob Shaw, only interview material.

BAEN, JIM (pp. 81-82): Elizabeth Molon should be Elizabeth Moon.

BAGNALL, R(OBERT) D(AVID) (p. 82): Note full name.

BALLANTINE BOOKS (pp. 83-84): Ian Ballantine (1916-1995).

BALZAC, HONORE de (p. 87): La recherche de l'absolu first appeared in Études de moeurs au XIXe siècle, coll 1834. Omitted is a new translation of it by Ellen Marriage as The Quest of the Absolute (1990 UK). Under Other Works, Luck and Leather should be Luck and Leather: A Parisian Romance (1842 US); various vts; new trans Katharine Prescott Wormeley as The Magic Skin (1888 US). Also, "Séraphita" was (1836, not 1834, trans anon 1889 US; new trans Clara Bell 1990 US). "Melmoth Reconcilé" first appeared in Études philosophiques, (coll 1836), not 1835.

BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK (pp. 87-88): Omitted is The Enchanted Type-Writer (coll of linked stories 1899), a second sequel to A House-Boat on the Styx: Being Some Account of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades.

BANISTER, MANLY (MILES) (p. 88): Died 1986. Under Other Works, Eegoboo: A Fantasy Satire is believed to be 1957.

BARBARELLA (p. 89): Barbarella (graph coll 1964) was trans Richard Seaver (1966 US). Jean-Claude Forest died 1998. Roger Vadim's dates are (1928-2000).

BARBET, PIERRE (p. 90): Died 1995.

BARCLAY, ALAN (p. 90): George B. Tait died circa 1989.

BARFIELD, OWEN (p. 90): Died 1997.

BARJAVEL, RENE (p. 90): The Immortals was trans Eileen Finletter.

BARNETT, PAUL (LE PAGE) (p. 92): The Legends of Lone Wolf novel The Book of the Magnakai is missing the * tie indication.

*BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED (p. 96): The phrase "lower-case letters are sic" is a wrongly-printed printers' note.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (p. 97): The cute boy was Boxie, not Boxer.

BAYLEY, BARRINGTON J(OHN) (pp. 97-8): BB wrote at least one story as by Michael MOORCOCK.

BEAR, GREG (pp. 99-100): "Blood Music" (1983) is described as a novella but in fact won its Hugo and Nebula as Best Novelette.

BEAUMONT, CHARLES (p. 101): Charles Leroy Nutt changed his legal name to Beaumont.

BED-SITTING ROOM, THE (p. 102): The play is by Antrobus and Milligan, not "Antrobus Milligan".

BEEBEE, CHRIS (p. 102): For exlusively please read exclusively.

BENFORD, GREGORY (p. 108): According to US usage, the term "professor" is used for ranks lower than full professor. GB was appointed an Assistant Professor at UC Irvine in 1971, becoming full Professor in 1979. Deeper than the Darkness is not connected to the Ocean sequence.

BENOIT, (FERDINAND MARIE) PIERRE (p. 109): The editions and translations of L'Atlantide are confused, with the US edition called the UK edition, and the US translators ascribed as translating the UK edition. Proper ascription: L'Atlantide (1919; trans Arthur Chambers as The Queen of Atlantis 1920 UK; vt, new trans Mary C Tongue and Mary Ross, as Atlantida 1920.

BENSEN, D.R. (p. 109): Died 1997.

BENSON, GORDON (p. 110): Died 1996.

BERESFORD, J.D. (p. 110): Esmé Wynne-Tyson died 1972.

BERRY, JAMES R. (p. 112): Born 1933.

BERTRAM, NOEL (p. 112): Not in fact an R. L. FANTHORPE pseudonym. Noel Bertram, a pseudonym of Noel Boston (1910-1966), a friend of Fanthorpe's, privately published some supernatural stories as Yesterday Knocks (coll 1954) and 10 tales 1960-62 in Supernatural Stories, the BADGER BOOKS magazine whose contents were mostly written by Fanthorpe.

BES SHAHAR, ELUKI (p. 112): EBS uses all-lower-case for her name: eluki bes shahar.

BETANCOURT, JOHN GREGORY (p. 114): Letters of the Alien Publisher (coll 1991 with Charles C. RYAN should be listed under As editor. JGB was co-editor of Weird Tales: Winter 1990, Weird Tales #290 (1988) through Weird Tales #299, Winter 1990/1991 (1991). «Tom Swift and the Undersea Raiders» * (1992), as by Victor Appleton, was never published.

BIBLIOGRAPHIES (pp. 115-117): The first, tiny sf bibliography was Science Fiction Bibliography (1935 chap), was produced by The Science Fiction Syndicate, a group of fans.

BICKHAM, JACK M. (pp. 117-118): Died 1997.

BIGGLE, LLOYD Jr (pp. 119-120): Died 2002. All the Colours of Darkness features interesting speculation about commercial MATTER TRANSMISSION. In the Jan Darzek sequence, Darzek eventually chairs the Council of Supreme.

BILDERDIJK, WILLEM (p. 120-121): For planeettokdekking, read planeetontdekking.

BIOY CASARES, ADOLFO (pp124-5): Died 1999.

BISCHOFF, DAVID F(REDRICK) (pp. 125-126): Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of the Hippies from Hell is actually 1993 UK, not 1992. Cited first story may be preceded by "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" (1975 Void) [BW] ... but the SFE appears to regard this first issue of VOID as a fanzine, and does not count such appearances as first sales.

BISSON, TERRY (p. 127): TB worked as a New York publishing copy-writer. Wyrldmaker (1981) is actually a GENERATION STARSHIP tale told in the guise of an heroic fantasy.

BIXBY, (DREXEL) JEROME (LEWIS) (pp. 127-128): Died 1998. JB claimed that Fantastic Voyage 2: Destination Brain was based on a JB treatment.

BLACKBURN, JOHN (p. 128): Died 1993. A Book of the Dead is a rev vt of Blue Octavo, the ascription for which should now read (1963; vt Bound to Kill 1963 US; rev vt A Book of the Dead 1984 UK); JB and/or the publisher concealed the fact.

BLAKE'S SEVEN (p. 133): The on-screen title of this series was given as BLAKES SEVEN without the apostrophe.

BLEILER, EVERETT F(RANKLIN) (pp. 134-135): The vt of Imagination Unlimited: Science Fiction and Science (anth 1952; cut vt Men of Space and Time 1953 UK) with T E DIKTY is omitted. The vt has been questioned as it contains none of the stories in Imagination Unlimited in the 1964 UK pb edition from Mayflower – a guess would be that the 1964 title is also cut, and prints those stories not in Men of Space and Time. This was common Mayflower practice.

BLISH, JAMES (pp. 135-137): Spock Must Die * (1970) was not the first Star Trek novel, being preceded by Mack REYNOLDS's Mission to Horatius * (1968); it was, however, the first adult Star Trek novel.

BLOCH, ROBERT (pp. 138-139): Died 1994. Not all of the 22 Lefty Feep stories were assembled as Lost in Time and Space with Lefty Feep. RB's 1948 World Science Fiction Convention Speech was printed in the Torcon Report, which was issued by the convention committee. His radio series was Stay Tuned for Terror, not Stay Tuned for Horror. The story is "The Secret in the Tomb," not "The Secret of the Tomb." Though this was RB's first professional sale, an earlier professional appearance in Weird Tales (1/35 rather than 5/35) was "The Feast in the Abbey". [BW]

BLYTH, JAMES (p. 140): Omitted: The Peril of Pine's Place (1912), with socialist rebellion averted and futuristic aircraft.

BOGORAZ, VLADIMIR GERMANOVITCH (p. 141): Sons of the Mammoth should be listed as Zhertvy drakona (1927; trans Stephen Graham as Sons of the Mammoth 1929 US as by Waldemar Bogoras).

BOLLAND, BRIAN (p. 142): His first Judge Dredd script was #41, not #40, which was drawn by Bill Ward.

BONANNO, MARGARET WANDER (p. 142): The mainstream novel A Certain Slant of Light is incorrectly identified as a book of poetry. MWB wrote two novels under house name Rick North in the Young Astronauts sequence, #4: Destination Mars (1991) and #6: Citizens of Mars (1991).

BONE, J(ESSE) F(RANKLIN) (p. 143): Died 1986.

BORGES, JORGE LUIS (pp. 143-144): Silvina Ocampo was born 1903, not 1906.

BORGO PRESS (p. 144): R. REGINALD's wife, Mary Wickizer Burgess (1938- ), played an increasingly large role from the mid-1980s as co-publisher and managing editor. BP began by publishing 35 64-page chapbooks on sf authors in the late 1970s in the The Milford Series: Popular Writers of Today. Omitted are the ten full-length novels by Piers ANTHONY, D. G. COMPTON, and others BP published through 1979, I. O. Evans Studies in the Philosophy and Criticism of Literature series (from 1982), and the Essays on Fantastic Literature. BP purchased in 1991 Brownstone Books, Sidewinder Press, and St. Willibrord's Press, which it continued to operate as separate imprints; and in 1993 acquired 100 titles of sf interest from STARMONT HOUSE and FAX COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS when those lines ceased operation. New imprints begun in the 1990s include Burgess & Wickizer, Emeritus Enterprises, and Unicorn & Son (revived from Reginald's 1970 one-shot imprint). BP also distributes over 1000 books from other lines, mostly not sf.

BOULLE, PIERRE (pp. 145-146): Died 1994. Omitted title: Quia Absurdam (coll 1970; trans Elisabeth Abbott as Because it is Absurd: (On Earth as it is in Heaven) 1971 US).

BOYCE, CHRIS (p. 148): Died 1999.

BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER (pp. 153-155): Died 1999. Shaara's Exile should be Sharra's Exile.

BRAINSTORM (p. 155): The recorded death experience was that of the scientist played by Louise Fletcher, not the wife played by Natalie Wood.

BRAND, MAX (p. 156): Destry Rides Again (1930) was first filmed in 1932, and became famous through the 1939 version, with James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich.

BRENNERT, ALAN (p. 157): AB's first publication was "Nostalgia Tripping" for Infinity Five (anth 1973) ed. Robert Hoskins. AB wrote 13 scripts for the second series of The Twilight Zone.

BRETNOR, (ALFRED) REGINALD (p. 157): Born Alfred Reginald Kahn, he changed his name legally to Bretnor after WWII.

BREUER, MILES J(OHN) (p. 157): The Birth of a New Republic is 1931 AMZ Quarterly not 1930. MB also wrote a story with Clare Winger HARRIS, "A Baby on Neptune" (1929 AMZ).

BRICK BRADFORD (pp. 157-158): The strip ended 1987. Clarence Gray developed cancer in 1949 and died 1957. William Ritt died 1971. Paul Norris was born 1914. There are two not one books in the Big Little Book format; they are Brick Bradford and the City Beneath the Sea (1933-4 Brick Bradford; rev graph 1934) and Brick Bradford with Brocco the Mountain Buccaneer (1934-5 Brick Bradford; rev graph 1938); they are revs of the first 2 storylines of the strip. The sf comic, Brick Bradford (1948-9), had no original material; it reprinted strips.

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE (p. 158): The lever is pulled by the rejected monster, not the hissing "bride."

BRIN, (GLEN) DAVID (pp. 158-159): Under Other Works, "The Crystal Tears" should be "The Crystal Spheres".

BRODERICK, DAMIEN (p. 161): DB's first professionally published sf, "The Sea's Furthest End" cannot be found in his early collection A Man Returned, but formed the basis for The Sea's Furthest End (1993); this novel completes The Faustus Hexagram sequence, which also includes The Dreaming Dragons, The Judas Mandala, Transmitters, The Black Grail and Striped Holes.

BROOKE-ROSE, CHRISTINE (p. 162): For Texterminations read Textermination.

BROSNAN, JOHN (p.162): JB's middle name is (RAYMOND).

BROWN, CHARLES N(IKKI) (p. 163): Other works: Far Travelers: Three Science Fiction Novellas (anth 1976); Alien Worlds: Three Novellas of Science Fiction by Award Winning Authors (anth 1976); Locus, the Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field (anth in 2 vols 1978), reprinting the first decade's issues.See also: ANTHOLOGIES; SMALL PRESSES AND LIMITED EDITIONS.

BROWN, FREDRIC (WILLIAM) (pp. 163-164): What Mad Universe (1949) appeared in Startling Stories Sep 1948.

BROWN, JAMES COOKE (p. 164): Died 1987.

BROWN, WENZEL (p. 165): Born 1911, not 1912. Died 1981.

BROWNE, HOWARD (p. 165): Died 1999.

BRUNNER, JOHN (p. 165): Died 1995. Threshold of Eternity is (1957-8 NW ...); The Hundredth Millennium is (1958 Science Fantasy as "Earth Is But a Star" ...).

BRUNNGRABER, RUDOLF (p. 168): Radium (1936) was translated by Eden and Cedar Paul (1937).

BUDRYS, ALGIS (pp. 169-171): Algirdas Jonas Budrys is not a shortening of a Lithuanian original. AB's father was Consul General of Lithuania in New York until his death in 1964. There were other Gus stories than those cited. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy was originally composed for New Destinies, ed. James Baen. Another "first story" was simultaneously published: "Walk to the World" (11/52 Space SF), although the cited "The High Purpose" is probably the earlier. [BW]

BUJOLD, LOIS McMASTER (p. 171): Barrayer should be Barrayar.

BULMER, KENNETH (pp. 173-174): A. V. Clarke's full name is A(ubrey) V(incent) Clarke (1922-1998).

BUNCH, DAVID R(OOSEVELT) (pp 174-175): Dates are (1925-2000).

BURDEKIN, KATHERINE P(ENELOPE) (p. 175): Note correct spelling of first name. The work she signed Kay Burdekin was not limited to her 1920s books.

BURROUGHS, WILLIAM (p. 179): Died 1997.

BUSBY, F(RANCIS) M(ARION) (pp. 179-180): Rissa Kerguelen was slightly revised when republished. The Star Rebel (1984) and Rebel's Quest (1985) were assembled as The Rebel Dynasty, Volume I, and sequels The Alien Debt (1985) and Rebels' Seed (1986) were assembled as The Rebel Dynasty, Volume II.

BUTLER, OCTAVIA E(STELLE) (p. 180) "Bloodchild" won both the Nebula and the Hugo Award.