SF Encyclopedia Updates: Q to T


QUARK (p. 983): Only #2 lacked a contents page, and that was due to a production oversight.

QUICK, W.T. (p. 985): first story (confirmed by author) was in fact "Instructions Enclosed" (1979 ASF). [BW]


RADIO 1: Radio in the USA (pp. 988-989): This was the only theme entry left unrevised from the first edition, a search having revealed no expert on US sf on radio 1979-1992. Had it been revised, it would certainly have made reference to the Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back radio series, with their spectacular stereo sound effects. Carleton E. Morse died 1993.

RADIO 2: Radio in the UK (pp. 989-990): The long-lost and then rediscovered versions of Journey into Space were originally broadcast on BBC Radio 2 FM, and only later on Radio 5. Radio 5 also broadcast a radio version edited from the original tv tapes of THUNDERBIRDS. Angus MacVicar's dates are (1908-2001).

RANSOM, BILL (p. 991): Finding True North & Crittur should be Finding True North & Critter. Also, the protagonist of Jaguar is a World War II veteran, not a Vietnam veteran.

RAPHAEL, RICK (p. 992): Died 1994.

RATHJEN, CARL H(ENRY) (p. 992): Died 1984.

RAY, ROBERT (p. 992): first story apparently "If Tomorrow Be Lost" (1950 Fantastic Adventures). [BW]

RED DWARF (p. 995): From the third series onward, the series number was given as a Roman suffix, as in Red Dwarf III. From series IV, Paul Jackson Productions have not been credited.

RED PLANET MARS (p. 996): John L. Balderston (1889-1954). The play Red Planet by Balderston and John E. Hoare was produced in New York in late 1932; (1933 chap).

REED, ISHMAEL (SCOTT) (p. 996): Note middle name.

RELIGION (pp. 1000-1003): On page 1002, column 2, line 7, the word "an" is omitted before "alien world".

RICHMOND, LEIGH (TUCKER) (p. 1008): Died 1995.

ROBERT HALE LTD (pp. 1009-11): John Bedford is a pseudonym of David Wiltshire used for Robert Hale Limited. John Light was born in 1943. T.S.J. Gibbard is a pseudonym of Michael Vinter. John Light was born 1943.

ROBERTS, ANTHONY (p. 1011): There are two Anthony Roberts, an illustrator and writer, who is deceased, and a cover artist, who is still alive.

ROBERTS, KEITH (JOHN KINGSTON) (p. 1012-1013): Died 2000.

ROBINSON, SPIDER (pp. 1016-1017): Spider Robinson is legal name; according to SR, "My name is not now, nor has it ever been, Paul Robinson." SR became a Canadian Landed Immigrant in 1975, not 1973. Starseed (1991) with Jeanne Robinson was omitted.

ROBOTS (p. 1020): the robot in Zelazny's "Home is the Hangman" is not an executioner, nor murderous, although the suspense of the story arises from belief that it may be. (DRL)

ROCKWOOD, ROY (p. 1022): In his autobiography Ghost of the Hardy Boys Leslie McFarlane says he wrote some 1920s novels in the Dan Fearless series under the name Roy Rockwood.

RODDENBERRY, GENE (p. 1023): The new series is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine not Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

RODGERS, ALAN (p. 1023): Born 1959. New Life for Old should be New Life for the Dead.

ROTHMAN, TONY (p. 1030): Milton A. Rothman died in 2001.

ROTSLER, WILLIAM (p. 1030): Died 1997. As noted under HUGOS, WR received another Fan Artist Hugo in 1979.

ROWLEY, CHRISTOPHER (B.) (p. 1032): CR is a UK-born US writer. In Golden Sunlands the environment is not VIRTUAL REALITY but an artificial universe.

RUCKER, RUDY (p. 1032-3): "Faraway Eyes" (1980) was not RR's second story to reach print – see p. 1033, which correctly lists the serialization of Spacetime Donuts (1978-9). [BW]

RURITANIA (p. 1034): Rupert of Henzau should be Rupert of Hentzau. Also, Graustark was (1901), not (1902). It was followed by sequels Beverly of Graustark (1904) and The Prince of Graustark (1914), also by George Barr McCutcheon.

RUSE, GARY ALAN (p. 1034-1035): The protagonist of Death Hunt on A Dying Planet is a woman.

RUSSO, RICHARD PAUL (p. 1041): His first story, "Firebird Suite," appeared in AMZ in 1981.


SABERHAGEN, FRED (THOMAS) (p. 1043-1044): Note correct name (not Frederick).

SADEUR, JACQUES (p. 1044): Gabriel de Foigny – under whose name it might be preferable to put the entry – was not born circa 1650 but circa 1630. He lived in Switzerland 1666-1684, which is where his novel was published, whose title and subsequent ascription we do not get quite right (nb, it is not Aventures but Avantures in the subtitle); the ascription as a whole should run: La Terre Australe Connue: C'est a dire, la description de ce pays inconnu jusqu'ici, de se moeurs & de ses coûtumes. Par Mr Sadeur (1676; cut and expurgated [by undetermined hand], vt Les Avantures de Jacques Sadeur dan la découverte et le voiage de la Terre Australe 1692 France; 1692 ed trans anon as A New Discovery of Terra Incognita Australis, or the Southern World, by James Sadeur France; original text trans David Fausett as The Southern Land, Known 1993 US).

SAGAN, CARL (p. 1044-5): Died 1996.

ST CLAIR, MARGARET (p. 1045): Died 1995.

SAKI (p. 1046): When William Came is (1913).

SAMACHSON, JOSEPH (p. 1047): the Day index lists "The Medicine" as "Bad Medicine". [BW]

SAMBROT, WILLIAM (p. 1047): a story prior to that cited is "The Strong Man" (1951 Esquire). [BW]

SANDERS, LAWRENCE (p. 1047): Died 1998.

SAPPHIRE AND STEEL (p. 1048): It is incorrect that the entire 4-year series was written by a single person. "Adventure Five" was written by Ben Houghton and Anthony Read. P.J. Hammond wrote all the rest, as credited.

SCANDINAVIA (pp. 1053-1055): Carl Johan Holzhausen died 1999. Sture Lönnerstrand died in 1999. Peter Nilson died in 1998.

SCHLOBIN, ROGER C(LARK) (p. 1056-1057): RCS co-founded and co-edited (1976-1981) the Year's Scholarship in Science Fiction and Fantasy series. He has been editor of The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts from 1988.

SCHOMBURG, ALEX (p. 1059): Died 1998. The Special Award was from the 1989 World SF Convention.

SCHMIDT, STANLEY (ALBERT) (p. 1057): Note middle name.

SCHMITZ, JAMES H(ENRY) (pp. 1057-1058): There are no nonhumans in the Hub Overgovernment. The Demon Breed is an exp vt of The Tuvela (ASF 1968).

SCHWARTZ, JULIUS (pp. 1059-1060): JS's client was Otto, not Eando, Binder. Henry L. HASSE should be Henry HASSE.

SCHWEITZER, DARRELL (CHARLES) (p. 1060): The correct year of publication for Weirdbook #4 is 1971.

SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE (p. 1063): Note correct title of the magazine. Ed Naha's film column ceased with the Sep 1990 issue. All (not some) SFC book reviews are by Don D'Ammassa, whose name is spelled thus. SFC began its separate existence as a SEMIPROZINE, not a FANZINE, in Oct 1979, not June 1979.

SF COMMENTARY (p. 1064): Lithographed from issue #69/70. A later issue exists, #71/72, dated Apr 1992.

SF MAGAZINES (pp. 1066-1071): The 1923 issue of SCIENCE AND INVENTION was devoted to "scientific fiction," not "science fiction."

SCI FI (p. 1078): The term was introduced in 1954 by Forrest J ACKERMAN, who spells his middle initial without a period.

SCOTT, MELISSA (p. 1080): Born 1960.

SEA-LION (p. 1081): Geoffrey Martin Bennett died 1983.

SECONDS (p. 1082): The middle-aged businessman is played by Randolph, not Hudson. His youth is restored by futuristic surgery, so that he can start a new life in a new body (Hudson).

SERLING, ROD (pp. 1086-1087): See comments on TWILIGHT ZONE below. It is likely that both More Stories from the Twilight Zone and New Stories from the Twilight Zone were ghostwritten by Walter B. GIBSON.

SEVERANCE, CAROL (ANN WILCOX) (1944- ): New entry: US writer who began publishing work of genre interest with "Isle of Illusion" for Tales of the Witch World (anth 1987) ed Andre NORTON. Her first novel, Reefsong (1991), features a genetically altered female protagonist (>> GENETIC ENGINEERING) sent on an interstellar mission by the corporation which controls her destiny. Demon Drums (1992) is fantasy. [JC]

SEX (p. 1088-1091): Eric Garber died 1995. Jean-Claude Forest died 1998.

SHARED WORLDS (pp. 1092-1093): Spock Must Die! * (1970) by James BLISH was not the first Star Trek novel but the first non-juvenile.

SHAW, BOB (p. 1094): Died 1996. In the discussion of The Palace of Eternity, "final section" should read "middle section". In A Wreath of Stars the initial antineutrino object is a rogue planet rather than a "rogue star". (DRL)

SHAW, FREDERICK L(INCOLN) (p. 1095): Died 1978.

SHEFFIELD, CHARLES (p. 1098): Died 2002.

SHELDON, LEE (p. 1099): Died 1987.

SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT (pp. 1099-1100): In The Last Man, the protagonist sails off to the Eastern Isles.

SHERMAN, JOEL HENRY (p. 1101): Born 1957.

SHINER, LEWIS (GORDON) (pp. 1102-1103): Neal BARRETT Jr's first name is spelled incorrectly here. Also note full name.

SHORT CIRCUIT (pp. 1103-4): The novelization is Short Circuit * (1986) by Colin Wedgelock.

SIEGEL, JERRY (p. 1104): Died 1996.

SILVERBERG, ROBERT (pp. 1106-1108): To Other works add Sex Machine (1964) as by Dan Elliot.

SIMAK, CLIFFORD D(ONALD) (pp. 1109-1110): CDS received the Grand Master award in 1977, not 1976. The 1949 date for the Becker bibliography is certainly wrong. William CONTENTO gives 1980.

SINYAVSKY, ANDREY (p. 1112): Died 1997.

SIODMAK, CURT or KURT (p. 1112): CS began to publish adult stories in Germany as early as 1919, and his first English-language publication was "The Eggs from Lake Tanganyika" (1926 AMZ), a tale almost certainly translated from an earlier German version.

SKAL, DAVID J(OHN) (p. 1113): Born 1952. Also note middle name.

SLADEK, JOHN (p. 1113): Died 2000. A story prior to the cited "first" is "The Way to a Man's Heart (1966 Bizarre), written with Thomas DISCH. [BW]

SLATER, HENRY J. (pp. 1114-1115): Born 1879. Died 1963.

SLEEPER (p. 1115): For "heath-food", read "health-food".

SLESAR, HENRY (p. 1116): Died 2002.

SLOANE, T(HOMAS) O'CONOR (p. 1117): TOS apparently said the Clifford D. SIMAK story was "a bit dated," not "a bit dead."

SMALL, AUSTIN J(AMES) (p. 1118): Note middle name.

SMITH, CLARK ASHTON (pp. 1120-1121): Planets and Dimensions: Collected Essays (coll 1973 chap) was not edited by Gary K. WOLFE, but by his brother, Charles K. Wolfe.

SMITH, CURTIS C(OOPER) (p. 1122): Note middle name.

SMITH, GEORGE H. (p. 1125): Died 1996.

SOBCHACK, VIVIAN (CAROL) (pp. 1127-1128): Note correct spelling (also given wrongly in CINEMA and POSTMODERNISM). Also, Fredric Jameson is misspelled Frederic.

SOHL, JERRY (pp. 1131-1132): Kaheesh (1983), published under the pseudonym Nathan Butler, and The Time Dissolver (1957), were omitted.

SOMTOW, S.P. (p. 1133): The Riverrun or Darkling Wars trilogy, not listed, begins with Riverrun (1991).

SPACE HABITATS (pp. 1136-1137): The term "space habitat" has not replaced "space station": the two terms describe differing concepts in sf. Christopher HINZ's Liege-Killer is (1987), not (1988). George ZEBROWSKI's name is misspelled. The title of the Ben BOVA novel is Colony, not Space Colony.

SPENCE, CATHERINE HELEN (p. 1145): In description of Handfasted, "may have remained unpublished at the time should read "was unpublished at the time". Sentence on A Week in the Future should open not "More impressively" but "Less impressively" and be followed by the additional sentence "The first book is a fully dramatised novel of real quality, but the second, only novella length, more resembles a tract." Change credit to [JC/PN].

SPENCER, JOHN (BARRY) (p. 1145): Died 2002.

SPIDER, THE (p. 1145): Not all Spider novels after the first two were by Novell W. PAGE writing as Grant Stockbridge. Payment records show that some were by Emile Tepperman, Wayne Rogers and Prentice Winchell (1915-?). A final Spider title, left unpublished when the magazine folded, was reworked with new characters as Blue Steel (1979) as by Spider Page.

SPINDIZZY (p. 1146): Cities in Flight is an omni, not a coll.

STANLEY, A(LFRED) M(ORTIMER) (p. 1151): Died 1966.

STAR TREK (pp. 1156-1158): Mack REYNOLDS's Mission to Horatius is (1968), not (1969).

STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE (p. 1158): The two Star Trek episodes have been inverted, so that "latter" should read "former" and vice versa.

STEAD, W.T.: Future editions will contain an entry.

STEIGER, A(NDREW) J(ACOB) (p. 1162): Died 1982.

STERLING, BRUCE (pp. 1163-1164): The correct subtitle of The Hacker Crackdown is Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier.

STINE, G(EORGE) HARRY (p. 1167): Died 1997.

STINE, HANK (p. 1167): HS has since become STINE, JEAN (MARIE). Season of the Witch and Thrill City were reissued as by Jean Stine in 1994 and 1996 respectively.

STIRLING, S(TEPHEN) M(ICHAEL) (p. 1167-1168): The Draka sequence is set in an ALTERNATE-WORLD 20th century, not 19th century.

STONE, CHARLOTTE: New cross-reference entry to Maxim JAKUBOWSKI.

STRANGE ADVENTURES (p. 1170): All contents were written by Norman FIRTH (see above).

STRANGE PLASMA (p. 1171): Steve Pasechnick is spelled incorrectly.

STRAUSS, ERWIN S(HEEHAN) (p. 1172): Born 1943. Also note middle name. While most of the founders of NESFA did come from MITSFS, the latter still continues.

STRETE, CRAIG (KEE) (pp. 1172-1173): Entry should read: "CS published a carnival fantasy, To Make Death Love Us (1987) as by Sovereign Falconer, and Death in the Spirit House (1988), over which controversy reigned for some time due to accusations by Ron MONTANA that the book had been plagiarized, very nearly whole, from a manuscript given by him to CS. As part of an agreed settlement, Montana's original manuscript was eventually published as Face in the Snow (1992) under Montana's name."

SUPERMAN 1. (p. 1183): should cross-reference to Jerry SIEGEL. "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" is (1969).

SULLIVAN, TIM(OTHY ROBERT) (p. 1177): Born 1948. "The Rancher Goes to Tinker Town" should be "The Rauncher Goes to Tinker Town."First story was in fact "Tachyon Rag" (1977 Unearth). [BW]

SUTTON, JEAN (p. 1190): Born 1915. Died 1983.

SUVIN, DARKO (R.) (p. 1190): The phrase about his nationality should read "until 1991 he had Canadian/Yugoslav dual nationality". The bibliographic description of one of his books should read: Pour une poétique de la science-fiction (cut and trans into French from English manuscript by DS 1977; longer English version as Metamorphoses of Science Fiction: On the Poetics and history of a Literary Genre 1979 US).

SWANWICK, MICHAEL (JOSEPHUS) (p. 1192): Note middle name. In the Drift was (fixup 1985), not (fixup 1984).

SWIGART, ROB (p. 1194): This is the working name of E. Robison Swigart.


TAKEI, GEORGE (p. 1200): Born 1939.

TAYLOR, ROBERT LEWIS (p. 1202): Died 1998.

TEMPLE, WILLIAM F(REDERICK) (p. 1209): The Fleshpots of Sansato is (1968; cut 1970).

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (p. 1204): The fourth turtle in fact spells his name Michaelangelo, not Nichelangelo.

TEPPER, SHERI S. (pp. 1211-1212): The Gate to Woman's Country should be The Gate to Women's Country. Poems under the name Sheri S. Eberhart began to appear no later than August 1961, when "Extraterrestrial Trilogue on Terran Self-Destruction" appeared in Gal; it went on to appear in Judith Merril's The Year's Best SF: 7th Annual Edition. [JBe]

TERRA (p. 1213): Third-from-last line has "then" instead of "than".

THEATRE (pp. 1216-1217): Gore VIDAL's Visit to a Small Planet, one of the most successful sf plays ever staged, is described in Vidal's entry.

THEY LIVE (p. 1218): Ray (R.F.) NELSON should simply read Ray NELSON.

THOLE, KAREL (p. 1220): Died 2000.

THOMPSON, E(DWARD) P(ALMER) (p. 1221): Died 1993.

THRILLING WONDER STORIES (pp. 1222-1223): Dates for Frederick Arnold Kummer are (1873-1943).

THRILLS INCORPORATED (p. 1223): Delete "although Alan YATES cowrote some tales with G.C. Bleeck" and substitute "although Alan YATES contributed some Australian stories, as did G.C. Bleeck (1907-71) – some under the name of Belli Luigi – and Norma Hemming."

THUNDERBIRDS (p. 1223): Though as stated the tv show was originally broadcast in the UK in a one-hour time slot, the US episodes were re-edited to fit two half-hour time slots.

TIME AFTER TIME (p. 1225): The novel Time After Time by Karl Alexander is (1979), not (1976).

TIPTREE, JAMES Jr (pp. 1230-1231): Entry is by [JC]. JT's 1946 New Yorker story "The Lucky Ones" appeared under the byline "Alice Bradley", not "Alice Sheldon."

TOLSTOY, ALEXEI (NIKOLAYEVICH) (p. 1233): Note middle name. AT is sometimes mistakenly thought to have been a distant relative of Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910); he was not in fact a blood relative of the famous Tolstoy, though his mother's second husband was related, and gave AT his surname. Alexei Constantinovich Tolstoy (1817-1875), on the other hand, was part of the wideflung Tolstoy family; his supernatural fiction has been translated as Vampires: Stories of the Supernatural (coll trans Fedor Nikanov 1969 US).

TOOMBS, ALFRED (GERALD) (p. 1234): Died 1986.

TOR BOOKS (p. 1235): TB was not founded in conjunction with Pinnacle Books.

TREVOR, ELLESTON (p. 1240): Died 1995. Green Glades (1959) should be Green Glade, written as by ET. It is third in the sequence comprised of Into the Happy Glade (1943) and By a Silver Stream (1944).

TROG (p. 1241): In credits, "Feddie Francis" should read "Freddie Francis".

TUBB, E.C. (p. 1242-3): The final Dumarest book was La Retour (1992 France; English text The Return 1997 US).

TURK, H(AROLD) C. (p. 1245): Ether Or (1987) should be Ether Ore (1987).

TURNER, GEORGE (p. 1245): Died 1997.

TUTTLE, LISA (pp. 1246-1247): Windhaven (1975 ASF; 1981 US) should be Windhaven (1975 ASF; exp 1981 US).

TWILIGHT ZONE, THE 1 (p. 1249): Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone and Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Revisited are not anths ed Rod SERLING but – as listed in the entry on Walter B. GIBSON – colls ghostwritten by Gibson. Gibson may also have written More Stories from the Twilight Zone and New Stories from the Twilight Zone, both credited to Serling but (according to his biographer, Joel Engel) in fact ghostwritten.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (pp. 1250-1251): The bone thrown into the air turns into a spaceship, not a space station. (Actually it turns into a satellite which, we learn in The Making of Kubrick's 2001, is a nuclear weapons platform. DRL)

TYERS, KATHY (p. 1251): For "telepathic ruler" read "telepathic intelligence officer".

TYLER, THEODORE (p. 1251): Born 1930. Died 1993.