SF Encyclopedia Updates: M to P


MACAULEY, ROBIE (p. 746): Died 1995.

MacAVOY, R(OBERTA) A(NN) (p. 746): The local resistance in The Grey Horse was with, not against, the Land League. The series beginning with Lens of the World is set in a baroque or renaissance alternate universe, rather than a medieval fantasy world, and is only marginally fantastic.

McCAFFREY, ANNE (INEZ) (pp. 746-747): Two ostensibly separate series, the Pegasus or Talents books and the Rowan books, are in fact connected, and may be thought of as one series: the Talents books.

McCARTHY, SHAWNA (pp. 747-748): Born 1954.

McCUTCHAN, PHILIP (p. 750): Attended but did not graduate from Sandhurst.

McDEVITT, JACK (p. 750): The publication date of A Talent for War is (1989), not (1988).

McINTYRE, VONDA N(EEL) (p. 757): Her Clarion story was titled "Only at Night." There is apparently an earlier story, "Breaking Point" (1970 Venture). [BW]

McQUAY, MIKE (p. 761): Died 1995.

McQUINN, DONALD E(DGAR) (p. 762): Warrior is DEM's first sf novel, his fifth overall. Also note middle name.

MADDOX, TOM (p. 762): first story title is "The Mind is Like a Strange Balloon". [BW]

MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, THE (pp. 763-764): The list of special issues should include the Stephen KING issue (Dec 1990).

MAGIC REALISM (p. 767): John Hawkes died 1998.

MALCOLM, DON (p. 771): first story was in fact "Defence Mechanism" (1957 NW). [BW]

MALZBERG, BARRY N(ATHANIEL) (p. 772): BNM's middle name is Nathaniel, not Norman.

MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., THE (pp. 773-774): The Acronym U.N.C.L.E. stands for United Network Command for Law and Enforcement, not United Network Command for Law Enforcement. Also, it has been suggested (but not proven) that the enemy organization T.H.R.U.S.H. was intended to sound like "the Russians."

MARAS, KARL (p. 776): This house name was used by Kenneth BULMER twice, but also by Peter Hawkins (1923- ) or a novel, The Plant from Infinity (1954).

MARGROFF, ROBERT E(RVIEN) (p. 776): Orc's Opal is (1990).

MARVEL COMICS (pp. 780-781): Doctor Strange was introduced in Strange Tales #114 (Nov 1963), running to #134 in 1965, then featured in Dr Strange #169-#183 (June 1968-Nov 1969), but not in Strange Tales #169 [duplicated numbering] through #188 (1973-1976). Strange Tales then relaunched April 1987 and ran #1-#19 (Oct 1988 with Doctor Strange. John Buscema's dates are (1927-2002).

MASON, DAVID (p. 782): DM wrote three erotic sf novels under his own name: Degree of Pleasure (1969), Jellyroll (1969) and Devil's Food (1969). We do not yet have a publication date for A Bed Full [or Bedful?] of Pleasure by DM as David Martell.

MATHESON, RICHARD (BURTON) (pp. 786-787): Journal of the Gun Years has no fantasy elements.

MATHESON, RICHARD CHRISTIAN (p. 787): Chris Matheson is not the name he sometimes uses in film and tv work but that of RCM's younger brother, who co-wrote BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (1989) and its sequel.

MEEK, S.P. (p. 795): "The Murgatroyd Experiments" should read "The Murgatroyd Experiment". "Futility" (1929 AMZ) is elsewhere cited as his first story. [BW] This AMZ is dated July 1929, while AMZ Quarterly with "The Murgatroyd Experiment" is "Winter 1929", preceded by "Fall 1928" and followed by "Spring 1929".

MENDELSOHN, FELIX Jr (p. 797): Died 1990.

MERRIL, JUDITH (p. 799): Died 1997. Merril is spelled incorrectly in the running head at top of page 799.

MERWIN, SAM Jr (p. 800): Died 1996.

MESSMANN, JON (p. 802): Messmann is spelled incorrectly in the running head at top of page 802.

MÉTAL HURLANT (p. 802): Jean-Claude Forest died 1998.

MILLARD, JOSEPH (JOHN) (p. 807): Died 1989.

MILLER, FRANK (pp. 807-808): Worked on Daredevil 1979-1985. Child's Play was (1988), not (1986). Daredevil: Love and War was (1986) not (1987). The magazine version of Dark Knight Returns was 1986. Wolverine should read (1982; graph coll 1987), not (1985; graph coll 1988). Batman: Year One should be (1987; graph coll 1988) not (1986; graph coll 1986). Give Me Liberty should be (1990-91; graph coll 1991) not 1991-92; graph coll 1992).

MILLER, WALTER M. (p. 809): Died (suicide) 1996.

MILLIGAN, SPIKE (p. 810): Died 2002. The play The Bedsitting Room should be dated (performed 1963; 1970).

MILLS, C(ARLA) J(OHNSON) (p. 810): Born 1944. Winter World #5: Zjhanne's Book (1992) was omitted. Also, note name.

MISHA (p. 811): Misha is the working name of US writer Misha Nógha.

MISTRAL, BENGO (p. 812): As well as Norman LAZENBY's novel, two others were published under this house name: Pirates of Cerebus (fixup 1953) based on stories in John Spencer magazines by B. Ward, and Space Flight 139 (1954).

MITCHISON, NAOMI (MARGARET) (p. 813): Died 1999.

MONEY (pp. 814-815): Harry Stephen Keeler's "John Jones' Dollar" first appeared in Black Cat in 1915.

MONTANA, RON (A.) (p. 819): Entry should read "RM's engagement with Native American material ironically prefigured a controversy of the 1980s, in which he claimed that Death in the Spirit House (1988), published under Strete's name, plagiarized from a manuscript Montana had given Strete. Eventually, Montana's book was published, as part of an agreed settlement, as Face in the Snow (1992) by RM."

MOON (pp. 820-821): The sentence opening the second paragraph should read "... crops up in the 1640 appendix to John WILKINS's The Discovery of a World in the Moone (1638; exp vt The Discovery of a New World 1640) ..."

MOON, ELIZABETH (N.) (pp. 821-822): Hunting Party and Sporting Chance are the first and second volumes of a sequence with overall title The Serrano Legacy.

MOORCOCK, MICHAEL (JOHN) (pp. 822-825): The first actual use of the term "New Wave" to describe UK writers was in a 1961 book-review column by P. Schuyler MILLER.

MOORE, C(ATHERINE) L(UCILLE) (p. 827): The Startling Worlds of Henry Kuttner includes, not The Time Axis, but Beyond Earth's Gates (as "The Portal in the Picture"). [JBe]

MOORE, ALAN (p. 825): With a change of scriptwriter, AM continued to draw The Stars my Degradation until the Mar 1983 issue. The full title of the Halo Jones omnibus is The Complete Ballad of Halo Jones; the full title of the D.R. & Quinch collection is D.R. & Quinch's Totally Awesome Guide to Life.

MOORE, BRIAN (p. 826): Died 1999.

MORRESSY, JOHN (p. 831): The correct title of his 1987 novel is The Questing of Kedrigern, not A Questing of Kedrigern.

MORRISSEY, J(OSEPH) L(AWRENCE) (p. 833): Born 1907. Died 1981. JLM was a UK-born writer who almost certainly became a US resident in his later years.

MOSKOWITZ, SAM (pp. 834-835): Died 1997. The Ultimate World should be Ultimate World.

MULLEN, R.D. (p. 837): Died 1998.

MULLER, JOHN E. (p. 837): The unidentified novels were also written by Glasby. Space Void is actually a reprint of Glasby's Dawn of the Half-Gods as by Victor La Salle.

MULLALLY, FREDERIC (p. 837): FM also wrote Oh! Wicked Wanda (1970).

MURPHY, PAT (p. 839): PM's middle name Ann has no "e". "Art in the War Zone" appeared in Universe 14, which was edited by Terry CARR.


NATION, TERRY (p. 856): Died 1997.

NEBULA SCIENCE FICTION (p. 861): Walt Willis died in 1999.

NEW VOICES (p. 865): #1-2 in series were in paperback from Harcourt Brace & Jovanovich/Jove, #3-4 from BERKLEY BOOKS.

NEW WAVE (pp. 865-867): The first actual use of the term "New Wave" to describe UK writers was in a 1961 book-review column by P. Schuyler MILLER.

NIGHBERT, DAVID F(RANKLIN) (p. 871): Born 1948. Note middle name. Also, The Clouds of Magellan should be Clouds of Magellan.

NIGHT THAT PANICKED AMERICA (p. 872): Howard Koch was (1902-1995).

NIVEN, LARRY (pp. 873-875): The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring are linked to A World Out of Time, but not to the Known Space series. In A Gift From Earth (1968), the inhabitants are descended from the ship's passengers. They rebel against the ruling caste, which is descended from the ship's crew.

NOLAN, WILLIAM F(RANCIS) (pp. 875-876): Omitted from Other works was Blood Sky (1991 chap), and from As Editor was The Bradbury Chronicles (anth 1991) with Greenberg.

NORTON, ANDRE (pp. 877-878): Zarthor's Bane should be Zarsthor's Bane.

NORWOOD, VICTOR (GEORGE CHARLES) (p. 879): Add Island of the Voodoo Dolls (1969) as by Paul Dangerfield.


O'BRIEN, DAVID WRIGHT (p. 884): first story was "Truth is a Plague" (1940 AMZ). [BW]

O'DONNELL, KEVIN Jr (p. 886): "The Hand is Quicker" should be "The Hand Is Quicker", and The Electronic Money Machine (1984) was written with The Haven Group.

OFFUTT, ANDREW J(EFFERSON V) (p. 887): According to AFO, Shadowspawn is not a contribution to the Thieves' World SHARED-WORLD enterprise; it has, however, been variously listed and reviewed thus. G.C. EDMONDSON's initials were transposed here by typographical error. Add Pleasure Us! (1971; vt The Pleasure Principal 1975 as by Baxter Giles) as by John Cleve. Further Cleve erotic sf titles await full confirmation.

O'KEEFE, CLAUDIA (p. 887): Born 1958.

OMNI (p. 889): Print edition gave way to on-line (web site) only in 1995. The US editorial staff were laid off and the on-line edition at www.omnimag.com "frozen" in early 1998; later it was removed altogether.

OLTION, JERRY B(RIAN (pp. 888-889): Note middle name.

OLIVER, CHAD (p. 888): Died 1993.

OPPENHEIM, E(DWARD) PHILLIPS (p. 891): Add The Spy Paramount (1935).

ORBAN (pp. 892-893): Born 1896. Died 1974.

ORKOW, BEN (HARRISON) (p. 895): Died 1988.

OUTER LIMITS, THE (p. 898): In "The Galaxy Being" the alien is absorbed into a 3D radio transceiver, not a telescope. Also, in the synopsis of "Demon with a Glass Hand," the android has the entire human race coded in his internal circuitry.

OWEN, DEAN (p. 902). Dean Owen perhaps eventually became the legal name of US Dudley Dean McGaughy. Born 1913. Died 1985.


PAINTER, THOMAS (p. 904): Born 1885. Died 1970.

PANSHIN, ALEXEI (A.) (pp. 906-907): AP is working name of Alexis Adams Panshin. "Lady Sunshine and the Magon of Beatus" should be "Lady Sunshine and the Magoon of Beatus". AP's first professional sale was "A Piece of Pie" (1960 Seventeen) [BW], but this may not have been sf.

PASTORAL (pp. 915-916): Penterra should be Pennterra.

PEDLER, KIT (p. 919): Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater should be Mutant 59: The Plastic-Eater.

PENDLETON, DON(ALD) (EUGENE) (p. 919): DP's authorship of the first 27 Executioner books has been confirmed, after which point "Don Pendleton" became a house name shared by various authors, including Peter LESLIE. Paradine's Gauntlet * (1983) was by Michael Newton (1951- ).

PERRY, STEVE (p. 924): "With Clean Hands" is (1978). [BW]

PESEK, LUDEK (p.925): Died 1999.

PETAJA, EMIL (THEODORE) (pp. 925-926): Died 2000.

PHELPS, GILBERT (HENRY Jr) (p. 927): Died 1993.

PIERCE, JOHN J. (p. 931): Born 1941.

PIERCE, JOHN R(OBINSON) (p. 931): Died 2002.

PILLER, EMANUEL S. (p. 932): Died 1985.

PINI, WENDY AND RICHARD: Future editions may contain an entry on W&RP for their Elfquest series of 8 graphic novels (1981-1993), originally published in comic-book format from 1977, plus one graphic collection (1993) – all marginal sf.

PLANET STORIES (p. 937): Dates for Wilbur S. Peacock are (?1915-1979).

POHL, FREDERIK (pp. 942-944): His first published piece being a poem, "Elegy to a Dead Satellite: Luna" as by Elton V. Andrews, for AMZ in 1937, and his first story proper being "Before the Universe" with C. M. KORNBLUTH, both writing as S.D. Gottesman, for Super Science Stories in 1940. FP did not return permanently to full-time writing in 1969, but in 1979. Also, FP received a second Hugo Award for short fiction in 1986 for "Fermi and Frost."

POLLACK, RACHEL (p. 947): first story date is (1971). [BW]

PORGES, ARTHUR (p. 949): Irwin Porges died 1998.

PORTER, ANDREW (IAN) (p. 949): Harlan Ellison is not the co-editor of The Book of Ellison.

POSITRONIC ROBOTS (p. 949): Data the Android in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION is said to have a positronic brain.

POWERS, RICHARD (p. 952): Died 1996

POYER, DAVID C(HARLES) (p. 955): Note middle name. The Shiloh Project (1981) is an alternate-present novel set in a South where the Confederacy won.

PREDICTION (pp. 957-958): One story that, unusually, did predict the tv coverage of the first Moon landing was Arthur C. CLARKE's Prelude to Space (1951 US; vt Master of Space 1961 US; vt The Space Dreamers 1969 US), Chapter XXII in the UK 1953 edition.

PRIEST, CHRISTOPHER (p. 961): see DANGEROUS VISIONS note. CP does not acknowledge the pseudonym Colin Wedgelock, whose one known title Short Circuit * (1986) is a novelization of SHORT CIRCUIT.

PRISONER, THE (pp. 962-963): A comic-book series (four numbers 1988-1989), originally from DC COMICS, served as a sequel to the tv series.

PROCTOR, GEO(RGE) W(YATT) (pp. 963-964): Born 1946. Also note middle name.

PROTO SCIENCE FICTION (pp. 965-967): Mary SHELLEY's Frankenstein, or The New Prometheus should be Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.

PSI POWERS (pp. 971-972): The title Re-Birth should be in italics.

PSYCHOTIC (pp. 975-6): The Alien Critic changed title owing to threats of litigation from a US magazine called The Critic.

PURDOM, TOM (p. 981): Reduction in Arms first appeared in FSF 1967, not ASF.

PULP MAGAZINES (pp. 978-980): Dates for Quentin James Reynolds are (1902-1965).