SF Encyclopedia Updates: C to D


CADIGAN, PAT (pp. 183-184): Correct publication year of Synners is 1991. Pat Cadigan is the working name of Patricia Oren Kearney Cadigan.

CAIDIN, MARTIN (p. 184): Died 1997.

CALVINO, ITALO (p. 185): Baron of the Trees should be Baron in the Trees.


CANTY, THOMAS (p. 190): Born 1952.

CARD, ORSON SCOTT (p. 195): Bryon Walley should be Byron Walley.

CARPENTER, ELMER J. (p. 197): Born 1907. Died 1988.

CARR, CHARLES (p. 197): Born 1905. Died 1976.

CARR, TERRY (pp. 198-199): Infinite Arena should be The Infinite Arena.

CARRIGAN, RICHARD and NANCY (p. 199): A book-length sequel to The Siren Stars appeared as "Minotaur in a Mushroom Maze" (1976 ASF). Both authors were alive and well in 2004.

CARVER, JEFFREY A(LLAN) (p. 203): Dragons in the Stars is part of the Star Rigger Universe, not part of the Starstream sequence.

CASTERET, NORBERT (p. 204): Died 1987.

CAVALIER, THE (p. 204): Darkness and Dawn appeared in 5 vols with editorial changes (1964-1967), not (1964-77).

CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM (p. 205): Believed to have died 1969.

CHAMBERS, ROBERT W(ILLIAM) (pp. 205-206): The cross-reference at the end should be SUSPENDED ANIMATION not SUSPENDED IMAGINATION.

CHARTERIS, LESLIE (p. 208): Died 1993.

CHERRYH, C.J. (p. 209): "The Mind Reader" was not written by CJC, who in fact published several novels before her first short story, "Cassandra" (1977).

CHILDREN IN SF (pp. 212-213): Ender's Game (1977; exp 1985) not (1978).

CHRISTOPHER, JOHN (pp. 218): first story title was "Christmas Tree", not "Christmas Story". [BW] The first two books of the Tripods trilogy were serialized on BBC TV: The White Mountains (13 parts, 1984, adapted by Alick Rowe) and The City of Gold and Lead (12 parts, 1985, adapted by Christopher Penfield). A BBC adaptation of The Pool of Fire was cancelled in preproduction.

CITY BENEATH THE SEA (pp. 227-228): The UK tv children's serial City Beneath the Sea was the sequel to Plateau of Fear (1961). ABC TV. Written Malcolm Stuart Fellows, Sutherland Ross. Prod Guy Verney. 6 25min episodes. B/w. Thriller set in the Andes where reporter and young sidekick investigate a strange beast thought responsible for attacks on a nuclear power plant; the true villain is a general who wants the plant for military purposes.

The sequel to City Beneath the Sea was Secret Beneath the Sea (1963). ABC TV. Written John Lucarotti. Prod Guy Verney. 6 25min episodes. B/w. Again in the undersea city of Aegira, the plot revolves around an ex-U-boat commander (from earlier story) and rare metals vital for space research.

CLARESON, THOMAS D(EAN) (pp. 228-229): Died 1993.

CLARKE, ARTHUR C(HARLES) (pp. 229-232): The first UK edition of Prelude to Space, slightly revised from the 1951 US edition, was 1953, not 1951. ACC won the International Fantasy Award in 1952, not 1972. How the World was One has the additional vt How the World Was One: Towards the Tele-Family of Man (1992 US) and is based on Voice [not Voices] Across The Sea.

CLARKSON, HELEN (p. 233): Working name of Helen Worrell Clarkson McCloy (1904-1993).

CLAYTON, JO (p. 233): Died 1998.

CLEMENT, HAL (pp. 233-234): Iceworld is (ASF 1951; 1953).

CLEVE, JOHN (p. 234): C.G. EDMONDSON should be G.C. EDMONDSON.

CLIFTON, MARK (p. 235): Ralph Kennedy is not an investigator but the investigative personnel director for a cybernetics firm. When They Came from Space was first published in Amazing as Pawn of the Black Fleet (1962).

CLOCKWORK ORANGE, A (p. 236): It is the rape victim's husband, not the rape victim, whose ribs Alex kicks in while singing "Singing in the Rain".

COLE, EVERETT B. (p. 242): Died 1977. One additional story in the Philosophical Corps series appeared in ASF Apr 1970, "Here, There Be Witches".

COMFORT, ALEX (p. 247): Died 2000.

COMICS (pp. 247-250): The comic-book company Innovation has recently published several sf and fantasy adaptations, based on work by (among others) Piers ANTHONY, Terry PRATCHETT, Anne Rice, and Gene WOLFE. Graham Ingels died 1991. Lee Elias died 1998. Gil Kane died 2000.

COMPUTERS (pp. 253-254): "The Metal Giants" by Edmond HAMILTON appeared in WEIRD TALES in Dec 1926, not 1928.

COMSTOCK, JARROD: New cross-reference entry to Sharon JARVIS, where the two novels by Jarvis and Ellen M. Kozak, writing together as Comstock, are mentioned.

COMMUNICATIONS (pp. 251-252): John Cunningham Lilly's dates are (1915-2001).

CONDON, RICHARD (p. 257): Died 1996.

CONEY, MICHAEL G(REATREX) (pp. 257-258): Variant title of Hello Summer, Goodbye is Rax, not Rex.

CONSTANTINE, MURRAY (p. 260): Katharine BURDEKIN should be Katherine BURDEKIN.

COON, SUSAN (pp. 262-263): Born 1945.

COOPER, EDMUND (p. 263): His early pseudonyms included Martin Lester and George Kinley; under the latter name he published his first sf novel, Ferry Rocket (1954). His first novel under his own name was The Uncertain Midnight (1958; vt Deadly Image 1958 US).

COOVER, ROBERT (p 264): Other Works should also include A Political Fable (1968, New American Review as "The Cat in the Hat for President"; rev 1980 chap).

COPPEL, ALFRED (p. 264): This is the working name of Alfred José Coppel Jr.

CORELLI, MARIE (pp. 264-265): The Young Diana: An Experiment of the Future was 1918, not 1915

COREY, PAUL (FREDERICK) (p. 265): Died 1992.

COVILLE, BRUCE (p. 270): Space Station Ice-3 is a variant title of Murder in Orbit.

COULSON, ROBERT (p. 269): Died 1999.

COWPER, RICHARD (pp. 270-271): Died 2002.

CRICHTON, MICHAEL (pp. 273-274): A Case of Need was published under the pseudonym Jeffery Hudson. Zero Cool was (1969), not (1973). MC's book Westworld (see WESTWORLD) is the screenplay.

CRICHTON, NEIL (p. 274): Born 1932.

CRITICAL WAVE (p. 281): Ceased publication 1996.

CROSS, JOHN KEIR (p. 282): In fact, the orbital satellite in The Flying Fortunes in an Encounter with Rubberface! is merely a McGuffin, and is described in no detail.

CROSS, RONALD ANTHONY (p. 282): Prisoners of Paradise does not present a GAME-WORLD environment.

CROWLEY, JOHN (pp. 282-283): In the synopsis of The Deep, "the War of Roses" should be "the Wars of the Roses".

CULBREATH, MYRNA (p. 284): Born 1938.

CUMMINGS, M.A. (p. 284): first story was "The Brides of Ool" and not "The Bridges of Ool". [BW]

CUMMINS, HARLE OREN (p. 285): Note middle name. HOC has not been traced with any security, but if precocious was almost certainly the HOC whose dates are (1884-1973).

CYBERSPACE (p. 290): The Richard A. LUPOFF novel is Galaxy's End, not Galaxies' End.


DALEKS (p. 295): See addenda to DR WHO.

DALEY, BRIAN (p. 296): Died 1996.

DALMAS, JOHN (p. 296): The Yngling and the Circle of Power is a sequel, not a prequel, and The Varkhaus Conspiracy should be The Varkaus Conspiracy.

DANGERFIELD, PAUL: New cross-reference entry to Victor NORWOOD (see below).

DANGEROUS VISIONS (p. 298): The Last Deadloss Visions should be (1987 chap; various revs 1987 chap; rev 1988 chap) both here and in the listing for Christopher PRIEST (pp. 960-961).

DANN, JACK (MAYO) (pp. 298-299): «Counting Coup» was not unfinished during the 1980s, but unpublished because of BLUEJAY BOOKS' collapse. It has some MAGIC-REALIST elements.

DARNAY, ARSEN (p. 300): cited first story preceded by "The Splendid Freedom" in the previous issue of If. [BW]

DATLOW, ELLEN (SUE) (p. 301): After The Year's Best Fantasy: Second Annual Collection, succeeding volumes were titled The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. [JBe]

DAVENPORT, BASIL (p. 301): Inquiry into Science Fiction should be (1955 chap).

DAVID, PETER (p. 302): Born 1956, not 1954. Omitted is the sixth book in the Psi-Man series, #6: Haven (1991). Also scripts comics.

DAVIDSON, AVRAM (JAMES) (p. 302): Died 1993.

DAVIDSON, MICHAEL (p. 303): Born 1944.

DAVIS, GERRY (p. 304): Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters (1972) should be Mutant 59: The Plastic-Eater (1971). The Dynostar Menace was published in (1975), not (1976).

DAW BOOKS (p. 304): Elsie Wollheim (1910-1996) has been described as co-founder of DB despite her nonappearance here. (DRL)

DC COMICS (p. 306): Bob Kane's dates are (1915-1998).

DEARMER, GEOFFREY (p. 308): Died 1996. GD was also a WWI poet of some note.

De CAMP, L(YON) SPRAGUE (pp. 308-310): Bjorn Nyberg should be Björn Nyberg. The Incomplete Enchanter is vt The Incompleat Enchanter 1979 UK. The variant title of The Wall of Serpents should be The Enchanter Compleated. There is no time travel as such in The Glory That Was; the ruler of Greece recreates classical Greece in the 27th century. Catherine Crook de Camp died 2000.

De CHAIR, SOMERSET (STRUBEN) (p. 310): Died 1995.

DeCHANCIE, JOHN (pp. 310-311): Note correct spelling of last name.

DEIGHTON, LEN (p. 315): Working name of Leonard Cyril Deighton.

DELANY, SAMUEL R(AY) (pp. 315-317): Neveryóna (not in fact Nevèrÿona, despite the other titles) is a novel and not a collection of linked stories.

DeLILLO, DON (p. 318): White Light should be White Noise.

De LINT, CHARLES (HENRI DIEDERICK HOEFSMIT) (p. 318): CDL was not born as a Canadian citizen in the Netherlands, he acquired Canadian citizenship later. Also, Cafe Purgatorium (coll 1991 US) is with stories, separately, by Dana Anderson and Ray Garton. Angel of Darkness was as by Samuel M. Key, not Kay.

del REY, LESTER (pp. 319-320): Died 1993. Mission to the Moon and Moon of Mutiny (p. 320) are inadvertently listed twice. It is generally believed that LDR improved considerably on his birth name, which seems likely to have been Leonard Knapp.

DEL REY BOOKS (p. 320): Then-Ballantine editor Judy-Lynn del Rey named Del Rey Books after her husband Lester before any of their books had begun to make the bestseller lists.

DERLETH, AUGUST W(ILLIAM) (pp. 323-324): The Watcher Out of Time and Others should be The Watchers Out of Time and Others. The Dark Brotherhood is a coll of Lovecraft stories, solo and in collaboration, not an anth of Lovecraft-associated material. Although "Bat's Belfry" appears to be AD's preferred title for his first story, it appeared in Weird Tales as "Bats in the Belfry". [BW]

De ROUEN, REED R(ANDOLPH) (p. 324): Died 1986.

DE VET, CHARLES (p. 325): Died 1997.

DeWEESE, GENE (pp. 326-327): The Adventures of a Two-Minute Mermaid should be The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf. Bleepers from Outer Space should be Beepers from Outer Space. The Reiman Curse should be The Reimann Curse.

DIABOLIK (p. 327): All 32 Fantômas novels by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain were published at the rate of one a month from 1911 to 1913 (Allain later wrote other titles alone). The first, Fantômas, is (1911; trans 1915 US/UK).

DICKINSON, PETER (MALCOLM de BRISSAC) (pp. 330-331): Under Other Works, The Iron Lion should be (1972 chap US; rev 1983 chap UK). Omitted is Hundreds and Hundreds (anth 1984).

DICKSON, GORDON R(UPERT) (pp. 331-333): Died 2001. The Dragon and the George is exp from "St. George and the Dragon" (FSF 1957). The Dragon Knight is (1990).

Di FATE, VINCENT (p. 333): VDF attended the New York-Phoenix Institute, which was renamed the Pratt Manhattan Center about ten years after VDF graduated.

DISCH, THOMAS M(ICHAEL) (p. 339-341): The Best Way to Figure Plumbing should be The Right Way to Figure Plumbing.

DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (p. 343): Title should be just DOC SAVAGE.

DR. M (p. 344): Doktor Mabuse, der Spieler was (1920; trans Lilian A. Clare as Dr. Mabuse, Master of Mystery 1923 UK).

DR MABUSE, DER SPIELER (pp. 344-345): It is loosely based on Doktor Mabuse, der Spieler (1920; trans Lilian A. Clare as Dr. Mabuse, Master of Mystery).

DR STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB (p. 345): The Vera Lynn song is not during Slim Pickens' riding the bomb down, but after, at the very end of the film.

DR WHO (pp. 345-346): The John Peel novel is Timewyrm: Genesys, not Timewyrm: Genesis. The first DR WHO story to feature the Daleks – the second TV story – was titled The Mutants, "The Dead Planet" (not "The Hidden Planet") being its first episode, but is now commonly called The Daleks to distinguish it from the later (Pertwee era) The Mutants.

DR WHO AND THE DALEKS (pp. 346-7): See addenda to DR WHO.

DODDERIDGE, ESMÉ (p. 347): Amended as follows. "The New Gulliver [...] brings its protagonist into a matriarchal society, dystopian to its male visitor, in which by an ironic role reversal all the men, who are subservient to women, carry out the child-rearing and sexual-object functions which in the real USA at the time the book was written were generally the roles of women. [JC/PN]"

DOLINSKY, MIKE (p. 347): Believed to have died 1993.

DONALDSON, STEPHEN R(EEDER) (pp. 347-348): In Other Works Gilden-Fire is (1981 chap).

DORSEY, CANDAS JANE (p. 349): Hardwired Angel was (1987).

DOS(-à-DOS) (pp. 349-350): The authors are [JC/PN].

DOUGLAS, CAROLE NELSON (pp. 350-351): The Six of Swords should be Six of Swords. The Kendri and Irissa sequence should be the Kendric and Irissa sequence.

DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN (pp. 351-352): The last paragraph, listing Holmes stories by others, wrongly gives Loren D. Estleman as a cross-reference.

DOZOIS, GARDNER (RAYMOND) (pp. 352-353): Note middle name. The anthology Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy: Twenty Dynamic Essays by Today's Top Professionals (1991) was co-edited with Tina Lee, Stanley Schmidt, Ian Randal Strock, and Sheila Williams, and also, Modern Classics of Science Fiction (1992) should be listed as a variant title of The Legend Book of Science Fiction. Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year #8 (anth 1979) is omitted, and Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year #9 should be (1980). Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year (anth 1981) should read Tenth Annual Collection (anth 1981).

DREW, WAYLAND: Died 1998.

DRURY, ALLEN (p. 355): Died 1998.

Du BOIS, WILLIAM PÈNE (p. 356): Died 1993. The 21 Balloons is (1947) not (1946).

DUNCAN, DAVE (p. 357): A Rose-Red City preceded Shadow in publication.

DUNCAN, DAVID (p. 357): Died 1999.